Learn Kitesurfing on Lake Garda in Malcesine

Lake Garda is the top location for kitesurfing. Unlimited space provides security and the steady winds speak for themselves.

Learning kitesurfing is really easy and safe thanks to the latest equipment. All kite courses start right here in Malcesine at the top North wind spot of Lake Garda.

We offer beginner, advanced and professionals courses on our latest generation powerboats equipped with compressors and the latest material from Crazyfly, Ozone and RRD. For independent kiters with VDWS Level 5 we have our own shuttle service.

As all kite activities on Lake Garda are done by boat, we always go to the best spot.

Quality instead of quantity - For each boat and instructor maximum 4 students and 2 kites in the air.



Beginner courses in kitesurfing daily from 1 pm

Our Kitesurf beginner course (suitable for children over 40kg) in Malcesine on Lake Garda, which can also be completed with the VDWS basic license, has already brought many people on the board. In small groups of a maximum of 4, you will get to know how to safely handle the equipment - step by step. Most of the lesson takes place on the water, but every lesson requires a bit of theory to consolidate the practice.

Kite surfing advanced courses daily from 7 am or 1 pm

Already have kitesurfing experience? In small groups, you can quickly learn what may not have worked recently. Lake Garda offers perfect wind conditions for every newcomer here in Malcesine. Do not be afraid to venture back onto the board or learn something new!

Premium kitesurfing lessons

You can hardly find a way to learn kiting as exclusive and personal. No matter what your goals are, this is the fastest and most effective way to kite or learn new techniques.

For 1-2 people: a boat - an instructor and the kite equipment just for you.

Kite shuttle

We bring you directly to the wind by boat! You are welcome to kite with your own equipment or simply rent it from us together with the shuttle service. Get to the best spots on the lake with our kite shuttle. Get in and go kiting. We'll take care of the rest. Our shuttles will start at 7 am with Peler (North wind, 15 -25 knots) or at 1 pm with Ora (South wind, 10 - 20 knots).

Shuttles are only for experienced riders, i.e. from VDWS Level 5 or IKO Level 3K. With the shuttles everyone has to carry a mobile phone with them. Protective covers are available at the station for sale or for rent.

An exit takes 2-3 hours. Gasoline, takeoff, landing assistance and rescue are included. If it turns out that the level is not sufficient enough for independent kiting, it is recommended to take a course (further shuttle exits are excluded and one course unit will be charged).


You can book the courses directly online. A prior reservation online or by mail is required in any case.

One course unit is 2-3 hours per day (including theory and wetsuit change). Wetsuit, shoes and life jacket are included in the price. Bring bathing suits and towel, and do not forget the sunscreen for the head and skin. The first day of the course always starts at 1 pm, the sessions thereafter are scheduled on-site, usually from 7 am or 1 pm.

Kitesurfing lessons prices