Learn to sail the Catamaran on Lake Garda in Malcesine

The fastest form of sailing, catamaran sailing courses at Wwwind Square.

In catamaran sailing we offer a wide range of beginner and advanced courses; we have the right program also for professionals - and for those who want to become one.

Latest equipment, specially designed courses and our well-located training area on Lake Garda in Malcesine give everyone the opportunity to try this sport.

In our preparatory courses, where you can decide how many days you want to participate, everyone has their fun and with professionally trained teachers from VDWS you are on the safe side.

In our private lessons you learn fast, exclusively and reach your destination safely and efficiently.

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Beginner courses in catamaran sailing daily from 10 am

Our 3-day catamaran compact course (9 hours) (suitable for children over 14) in Malcesine on Lake Garda, has already inspired many people for catamaran sailing. In our compact + intensive courses (18h) you will get to know how to safely handle the equipment in small groups - step by step. Most of the lesson takes place on the water, but every lesson requires a bit of theory to consolidate the practice. A course unit is 3 hours per day (including theory and wetsuit change). You can also complete our compact + intensive course with the International VDWS Basic License.

Advanced Catamaran Sailing courses daily from 2 pm

Already have sail or catamaran experience? In small groups, you can quickly learn what may not have worked recently. Lake Garda offers perfect wind conditions for every newcomer here in Malcesine. The constant Ora, the well-known wind from the South, sets in time for the start of our course and lasts until late afternoon. Do not be afraid to venture back to the Kat or learn something new! One course unit is 3 hours per day (including theory and wetsuit change).

Private lessons in catamaran sailing

Our private lessons are best for learning or improving a particular technique if you have already gained experience in catamarans. Learn for example: harness in strong winds or jibes. To reserve a private lesson in Malcesine, please contact us in time by e-mail.


You can book the courses directly online. A prior reservation online or by mail is required in any case.

Wetsuit, shoes and life jacket are included in the price. Bring bathing suits and towel and do not forget the sunscreen for the head and skin.

Catamaran prices