1.) The undersigned person declares to manage to swim in deep water, without any help, for at least 20 minutes, to rent

equipment suiting his capabilities and to use it in weather conditions within his capabilities.

2.) The undersigned declares to be in a healthy and stable physical condition and to be in a sound physical and mental

state which will not prevent him from taking part in this sports activity. He furthermore declares that if health problems

occur, this will not release him from paying what was agreed upon with the School. Pregnant women are advised not to

make use of our services.

3.) The undersigned is liable for using the rented equipment with the utmost care; in case of carelessness he is

personally responsible for any damage or loss of the equipment. Moreover, he is obliged to return the equipment at the

same place where he received it. It is absolutely forbidden to carry the mounted rig along the road.

4.) The undersigned acknowledges that equipment which is damaged, lost, missing or not returned will be valued; its

value ranges from 30 to 50,000 EUR. For this purpose he agrees that WWWind Square has the right of keeping the

deposit or the identification document (passport, ID card, driver’s license) handed in before the equipment was handed

out. In case of damages, the document will be returned after payment of said damage.

5.) WWWind Square assumes liability for possible damages to customers caused by its employees only if the damages

are to be considered serious and highly expensive. With reference to the afore-mentioned, the undersigned accepts that

he will not claim indemnity from WWWind Square for possible damages. The School takes note of it and accepts said


6.) The undersigned declares to have knowledge of Act N° 52, art. 14/21 dated 02.11.1983 and following amendments,

of the Regional Act N° 20 dated 16.08.1994 which stipulates the obligation of wearing a life jacket; he acknowledges

that in case of transgression, he assumes full responsibility.

7.) Equipment for one hour must be returned within 60 minutes; if the equipment is re-turned with more than 15

minutes delay, the following tariff is due. Rental time goes from 10 am to 6 pm. The weekly rental period starts Monday

morning at 10 am and ends at 2 pm for sail-boats and at 5 pm for sailboards. Private lessons last 60 minutes. Possible

schedule variations will be convened each time. The civil liability is not valid out of normal WWWind Square office hours.

8.) The undersigned explicitly waives any present or future compensation claims against WWWind Square arising from

the use of rented equipment or from taking part in courses.

9.) WWWind Square is not responsible for theft of parked cars or damages to any item left on the premises of WWWind

Square in the office nor to equipment in storage. For any lawsuits, the court of jurisdiction is Verona; Italian law


10.) The non-validity of single clauses of these Terms & Conditions does not affect the validity of the contract. With my

signature I authorize you to keep my personal data in the files and to use them only for mailing information and

communication; passing them to third parties is ex-placidly forbidden according to Act N° 675/96.

11.) The contractual liability of WWWind Square is limited to 3 times the value of the fee paid by the customer.The civil

liability insurance is only valid after the complete payment of the booked or requested service; it covers liability for

damages to persons and/or objects up to 300,000 EUR.

12.) For booking it is compulsory to leave a down payment of 40% of the requested service; the remaining 60% is to be

paid before taking away the rental equipment or before starting the course. If the service was not made use of, the

payment will not be returned, but a voucher will be issued which is valid for two years. Bookings are not binding, and

WWWind Square is not liable for damages due to delays or to the impossibility of handing out rented equipment or for

the availability of personnel.

13.) The undersigned declares to have knowledge of and to accept the above Terms & Conditions.