There is hardly a better place to learn "foiling.

The moderate breeze Ora in the afternoon offers beginners optimal and above all safe conditions to learn this fantastic sport. We offer Foil courses for windsurfers, kitesurfers, sailors and catamaran sailors.

We know it all, whether sailors, wind or kitesurfers, we are on the shore and the wind is not really enough to get our sports equipment planning. Yet it is exactly this sensation that we are looking for but we spend a lot of time waiting for it.

The sailors from the America's Cup have been using the "foils" for a long time under their hulls and the first hydrofoil ships were designed and built in 1900, more than a hundred years later, they finally arrived at dinghies, catamarans, kites and windsurfers.


Roughly speaking, all Hydrofoil sports equipment can rise above the water at just 10 knots wind speed and that very effortlessly. As if that were not enough, the upwind capabilities are spectacular!


How to learn ?

Foiling is a extreme sport and must be learned step by step under professional supervision. We teach with the latest equipment, most recent safety methods and acess back to nearly 40 years of experience in the watersports sector.

We recommend to learn foiling only 1 to 1 in the form of private coaching. Its the only way to combine maximum learning progress with full safety.

We have developed a special Foil private package with 5 hours of intensive instruction which gives everyone the opportunity to get involved in this incredible sport if the requirements are fulfilled.


In order to learn the " the student must have fulfilled a certain basic level in the particular sport.

Kitesurfing: Safe riding and jibing on a strapless board

Sailing: In-depth experience with planning dinghys

Windsurfing: Powerjibe with Boards below 100 liters

Catamaran: Double harness and jobes with min. 4bft

If you have not yet fulfilled the requirements, we are ready to provide you with appropriate solutions. Please get in touch

How to book ?

To book your private "foil" course, please send an e-mail indicating your desired sport, previous experience, body weight and period to

We will get back to you as soon as possible. All our courses are including sports equipment, safety clothing and instructors. You just have to bring sun protection and a towel.


Book your course now simply online!

The advantages of an online booking

If you opt for our online booking you benefit exclusively from a 10% discount on all courses, rental packages and the yacht charter. You can pay safely and quickly by credit card, direct debit or with your Paypal account.

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