Charter a Asso99 in Malcesine on Lake Garda

The Asso 99 is a nimble racing yacht.

The 10 m long boat is designed for conditions on European inland waterways. The regatta crew takes six people, including three crew on the trapeze. The Asso 99 is a very fast keelboat, the flat, dinghy-like hull and the high 7/8-Rigg with double backstays make her a "racer". To sail her optimally, three crew members need to be in harness.

Asso 1.JPG

The boat has a capsize-ballast ratio of 45%. The sail behavior at higher wind speeds corresponds to a planing dinghy. When flying a spinnaker and planing she can reach above 20 knots and she starts planing on a reach at only 3 bft. Despite the many trim options and three trapezoids the sail behavior of the Asso in light winds is good-natured.


With a professional crew, the Asso 99 is still easy to control even in very strong winds as the wind pressure is quickly converted into speed. As a result one Asso won the Centomiglia on Lake Garda in winds of up to 10 Beaufort.

The International Class Association is very active. Several regattas are held on lake districts in Italy, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany each year. Currently there are about 180 identical yachts of the Asso 99 class being represented, in Austria with 10, Germany with 30, Switzerland with 15, Hungary with 40 and in Italy with about 80 boats.